Virtual field trips are a fantastic way to preview a trip or go on a trip without spending money, time, etc. Many of these are interactive field trips. After visiting an actual location, students can use the virtual field trip to assess what they learned while they were there.


Virtual Tours by Subject (Geographical, etc.)

Virtual Tours of the United States, Africa, and South America

Science and History Virtual Tours

Plimoth Plantation

The White House for Kids

The Franklin Institute

Scitrek in Atlanta, GA

High Museum of Art in Atlanta, GA

Fernbank Science and Natural History Museums in Atlanta, GA

Zoo Atlanta

Stone Mountain Park in Georgia

Aviation Virtual Library

Eastern Mediterranean Expedition

The Egyptian Mapping Tour

United States Expedition

The Inca Project

Terraquest - Antarctica

Virtual Tours for Kids

Trans-Asia Expedition (Marco Polo)

Sea World and Busch Gardens in Florida

Philadelphia's Historic Mile (American Colonists)

Empires Beyond the Great Wall (Genghis Khan)

University of Memphis Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology

Center for Puppetry Arts

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