Our List of Novels and their Abbreviated Book Report Assignments

In the state of Georgia, students are required to read 25 books each school year. The following list of novels are in the classroom and include various reading levels. The choice list is subject to change due to the needs of the students. Students will choose two assignments (either written, dramatic, or artistic) to complete for each unit.

lst Unit: Pioneers

Written Response: Mimic the author's style to rewrite a portion of the book or add on to the ending of the book.

Written Response: Write up a magazine interview with the characters in the book.

Drama Response: Write parts and conduct a trial on one of the major characters.

Drama Response: Draw a map which illustrates the setting/location of the story.

Artistic Response: Make a new book jacket for the book.

Artistic Response: Make a collage to illustrate the theme/mood of the novel.

Story Writing Rubric 2


Story Writing Checklist

Book Jacket Cover Rubric

Rubric for Book Report

Interview Rubric

Collage Rubric 2

Map Rubric

2nd Unit: Greek and Roman Mythology

Written Response: Write an explanation of why the myth we read in class was or was not enjoyable. Be sure to give adequate reasons.

Written Response: Rewrite the ending of the book or play, altering it from the original version.

Drama Response: Impersonate a character and tell an episode in the book or play.

Drama Response: Do a take-off on the old tv show, 'This is Your Life'.

Artistic Response: Design and make a mask representative of a favorite character in the book.

Artistic Response: Draw or make a poster, drawing, or painting about the characters and setting in the story.

Mask Rubric

Drama Rubric

Story Writing Rubric

Poster Rubric

3rd Unit: Islands

Written Response: Write a poem that expresses what happens to the character in the book.

Written Response: Make a gift list for the main characters in the book.

Drama Response: Role play a scene from the book you read.

Drama Response: Prepare a tv commercial about the book or convert the story into a puppet show.

Artistic Response: Dress up as a character in the book and discuss how you feel your character was portrayed.

Artistic Response: Create a game complete with playing board and directions on the book.

Role Play Rubric Game Rubric 2
Poetry Rubric Puppet Show Rubric 1

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