Reading Survey

Mrs. Frank's Class

Answer the following questions as honestly as you can.

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Question 1: How often do you read?

A. always

B. sometimes

C. never

Question 2: What types of books have you read this year?

A. horror

B. westerns

C. romance

D. comedy

E. mystery/suspense

F. realistic fiction

Question 3: What kinds of book do you like to read?

A. horror

A. westerns

B. romance

C. comedy

D. realistic fiction

E. mystery/suspense

Question 4: When did you last read an entire book for leisure?

A. in the last 2 weeks

B. 3-7 weeks ago

C. a month ago

D. 2-6 months ago

E. 6-12 months ago

F. can�t remember

Question 5: Who reads to you at home?

A. Mom

B. Dad

C. brother or sister

D. grandparent

E. Aunt/Uncle

F. cousin

G. No one

Question 6: What do you like to read?

A. magazines

B. short stories

C. comic books

D. novels

E. newspaper

F. other

Question 7: What kind of movies do you like?

A. scary

B. nonfiction

C. mystery

D. comedy

E. adventure

F. other

Question 8: Do you consider yourself a good reader?

A. yes

B. no

Question 9: Select the area which you feel indicates how you read.

A. gifted

B. average

C. below average

Question 10: What do you like about books that you read?

A. setting

B. plot

C. strong female character

D. action

E. the theme

F. strong male character