Hans Christian


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Book 5 Book 6 Book 7 Book 8

Book 1

    The Tinderbox  

    The Princess & The Pea  


    The Tailsman  

    The Brave Tin Soldier  

    The Saucy Boy  

Book 2

  The Travelling Companion  

  The Little Mermaid  

  Little Ida's Flowers

  Little Claus & Big Claus

  The Emperors New Suit

  The Goloshes of Fortune

Book 3

  The Wild Swans

  The Daisy  

  The Elf of The Rose

  The Wicked Prince

  What The Moon Saw  

  The Storks

Book 4

  The Flying Trunk  

  The Garden of Paradise

  The Angel

  The Swineherd

  The Nightingale  

  The Ugly Duckling  

Book 5

  The Metal Pig

  A Rose from Homer's Grave

  The Fir Tree

  The Top & Ball

  The Philosopher's Stone  

  The Marsh King's Daughter

Book 6

 The Elfin Hill  

 The Little Match Girl  

 The Snow Queen  

 The Elder-Tree Mother  

 The Red Shoes  

 The Jumper  

Book 7

 The Old Street Lamp  

 Little Tuk  

 The Bell  

 The Gate Key  

 The Story of A Mother  

 The Old House  

Book 8

 The Darning Needle  

 The Happy Family 

 The Neighboring Families  

 Holger Danske  

 The Sunbeam & The Captive  

 The Puppet-Show Man