Our List of Novels

for Homework & Classwork

In the state of Georgia, students are required to read 25 books each school year. The reading list below includes reading levels from third through eighth grade, subject to change due to the needs of the students. Students will be given some freedom to choose books for independent reading. Literature Circles, which include Science Fiction, Humor and Fantasy themes, will be used often in the classroom. (NOTE: If a student chooses a novel of which a parent disapproves, it is the parent's responsibility to contact me so I can have the student choose another novel to read. Also, if a student loses or destroys a book, the student will be required to replace the book for the classroom.)

Students will be required to keep a reading/writing response journal. The rubric used to grade the journals is below.

Rubric for Journal Writing

Novel Webquests

Oracle Thinkquests for Novels

1st Unit: Pioneers

The Cabin Faced West

Sign of the Beaver (HW)

The Summer of the Monkeys

By the Great Horn Spoon!

2nd Unit: Greek and Roman Mythology

Various mythological stories and plays on characters such as Hercules and Atalanta

3rd Unit: Islands

The Cay/P>

Island of the Blue Dolphins

The Black Stallion

Treasure Island

Book Report Assignments for Novels

Directions for the Discussion Circles

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