TITLE:  “What Caused This Person to Take a Political Stand

During the American Revolution”


  I.  Introduction


II.  Who this person was


A.     Birth


1.     His/her birthplace

2.     His/her birthdate

3.     His/her parents and where they came from


B.     Childhood


1.     His/her family relations

2.     His/her education

3.     His/her friends


C.     Marriage


1.     His/her courtship

2.     His/her wedding date and place

3.     His/her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren

4.      What this person did in his/her life


III.  What this person did in the American Revolution


              A.  His/her daily life and relations with peers


               1.  His/her friends

               2.  Opinions about him/her from other people


B.     His/her workplace and job


1.     Where this person worked

2.     What kind of work reputation this person had



            C.  His/her friends who influenced participation in the

American Revolution


1.     What kind of people he/she associated with

2.     What influences helped him/her make the decision to fight on

either side


IV.    What this person did in the American Revolution


A.     His/her loyalty to the Patriots or the Tories


1.     Which side he/she chose

2.     Why this opinion of politics influenced him/her


B.      What he/she did to help the war happen


C.     Why he/she helped the war happen


V.     His/her epitaph


A.     When he/she died


B.      What he/she died of during or after the war


C.     How he/she died


D.     What would be said on his/her actions during the war on

his/her tombstone


III.             Conclusion


A.     Your opinion on what happened to this person




B.      Your opinion on what caused this person to take a political stand


during the American Revolution


C.     Your opinion on how he/she would have lived life differently if it could be lived again